About Lilla Huset i Småland

How did I start renting out cottages?

In October 1999 I returned to Sweden after living and working for Swedish companies in Germany for 12 years. The business idea to start a cottage brokerage came during a holiday in a cottage in Linneryd, Småland. I started renting out two cottages: one in Linneryd and one in the Stockholm archipelago.

Over time, I developed "Lilla Huset i Småland" and brokered a maximum of 75 cottages over a period of 12 years. After having engaged in cottage brokerage for a long time, I decided in 2012 to transfer the business to Novasol. I continued to work with them until 2021, after which I started a collaboration with StayNordic. Now I have decided to start on my own again from February 2024. So welcome to contact me wishes Susanne Pilarp.

Locally produced lamb and mountain cows

Lilla Huset i Småland

Mimmi, a Västgöta spitz, my faithful companion, lies in front of the door at Lilla Huset i Småland. The small house is actually located in the village of Sjuhult by lake Rymmen, a very beautiful village outside Alvesta. Here you can take the opportunity to visit Högakull Nature Reserve, which is a fantastic experience.

When I started to rent out houses in 2000, this small cottage was one of the houses in my catalogue, so the name Lilla Huset i Småland came actually from this little cottage as Lilla Huset means small cottage.

Most of the cottages I brokered then and still today are in Ljungby municipality as I live here and have the largest network of contacts here. But I also have cottages throughout Kronoberg and Jönköping counties. Together with, among others, the Ljungby tourist office, we marketed Ljungby and Lilla Huset's cabins at various fairs in Germany and Denmark. At that time and still today, Ljungby is probably the largest metropolis where there are most German tourists. The calm, nature and all the lakes attract the Germans.

Cows close to the mountains, lambskins, lamb and calf boxes

I am passionate about animals and nature and Gotland sheep graze on the farm. My dream had always been to get mountain cows so in 2016 I bought my first two heifers, one pregnant. I then chose near the mountains where I am involved in preserving the cattle near the mountains in a viable living gene bank.

Fjällnära, is a name for the most unrefined part of the mountain breed that is preserved in the gene bank by the Association of Older Boskap. The association is a non-profit association that works to preserve/protect the livestock near the mountains as unrefined land breeds. These animals originate from Lillhärjåbygget, Klövsjö, Biellojaure and Fatmomakke.

In the spring of 2023, 14 lambs were born and the cow herd has grown to 8 cows and in the spring of 2023 there were 7 calves. I sell these calves alive in the fall when they are 6 months old. Sometimes it is difficult to get all the bull calves sold, so instead I sell calf boxes for those who are interested in veal. All animals have a gene bank certificate certifying that they meet the gene bank's pedigree requirements and are entered in the gene bank register.

"The first mountain cows at Skåne Zoo are my mountain cows that I sold to the zoo in 2021".

Some pictures from the farm