The best fishing lakes in Småland

Susanne Pilarp

Småland, located in southern Sweden, is known for its natural beauty and rich fishing waters. The region offers a variety of fishing opportunities, making it a popular destination for both beginners and experienced anglers.

Why Småland is an excellent fishing area

Småland offers a unique diversity when it comes to fishing opportunities. The region is home to a variety of lakes and streams, all with outstanding species richness and thriving fish stocks. Whether you are looking to catch pike, perch, zander or any other species, there is a place for you in Småland.

Fishing campsites in Småland

To make your fishing experience even better, there are several fishing campsites in Småland that offer comfortable accommodation and access to excellent fishing waters.

Getnö Lake Asnen Resort

Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort is located in the heart of the fish-rich lake Åsnen, right next to the future national park. Many record pike have been caught here and Getnö is known for its good supply of this fish. Night fishing for zander is an exciting, guided tour. Everything the fisherman needs is here, and experienced fishing guides can be booked. A fishing school for children is especially appreciated in summer. You live in cabins or at the nature campsite next to the lake.

Ödevata Fishing Camp

Ödevata Fishing Camp offers natural lakes for both beginners and professionals. Thanks to several lakes to choose from, there is something to suit everyone, from families with children to the seasoned angler.

Sandvik's Fishing Camp

At Sandvik's Fishing Camp, in addition to fantastic fishing in Lake Rusken, there is also accommodation and a range of different activities. Lake Rusken is nutritious, rich in variety and classified as one of Sweden's best zander lakes. Here you can also find, among other things, pike, perch, bream, lake and eel. 5 km from Rusken is Kalvsjön, a put-and-take lake with trout and rainbow trout.

Paradise Fishing Camp

With cabins of all sizes, Paradis Fiskecamp is suitable for families, parties or conferences. Crayfish fishing, regular fishing, opportunities to sunbathe and swim, golf, sauna or mushroom picking in the surroundings are some of the activities on offer.

Småland fishermen's Fishing Camp

About 2.5 kilometers outside of Vetlanda lies the Småland fiskarna, deep in the Småland forests. Here you experience fishing of high quality. Trout and rainbow are the most common species. The location is far from speed and wind, and offers you a harmonious experience on the lake.

Fish species to catch in Småland

Småland is home to a variety of fish species, making it an excellent choice for all types of anglers.

Common fish

The most common fish species in Småland include pike, perch, roach, roach, bream and grayling.

Relatively uncommon fish

Sarv, grayling, grass carp, trout, rainbow, zander and tench are relatively uncommon, but can still be caught in Småland's waters.

Very unusual fish

Lake and loach are very rare, but it is still possible to catch them if you are lucky and patient.

Fishing license in Småland

To fish in Småland, you need a fishing license. As a rule, they cost from 40 to 160 kroner daily, and it is more expensive to fish in waters where farmed fish are found. In some cases, young people can fish free of charge together with an adult who has purchased a fishing license.

Winter fishing in Småland

For those who like to fish during the winter months, Lake Vättern, near Jönköping, is recommended. In winter, salmon, trout and char often move shallow and close to land, so with a narrow spoon drag or a coastal wobbler you can get plenty of fish. You can also fly fish and fish in Lake Vättern and smaller lakes such as Flåren and Furen during the winter months.


Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, Småland offers a variety of fishing opportunities to suit everyone. With its rich fishing waters, various fish species and excellent fishing campsites, Småland is the perfect destination for anyone who loves fishing.

common questions and answers

  1. What are the best fishing spots in Småland?
    • Some of the best fishing spots in Småland include Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort, Ödevata Fishing Camp, Sandviks Fishing Camp, Paradis Fishing Camp, Småland Fishermen's Fishing Camp.
  2. What species of fish can be caught in Småland?
    • In Småland you can catch a variety of fish species, including pike, perch, roach, roach, bream, grayling, grayling, grayling, grass carp, trout, rainbow trout, pikeperch, tench, tench and tench.
  3. Do you need a fishing license to fish in Småland?
    • Yes, you need a fishing license to fish in Småland. The cost of a fishing license varies from SEK 40 to SEK 160 per day.
  4. Is it possible to fish during the winter months in Småland?
    • Yes, it is possible to fish during the winter months in Småland. A popular place for winter fishing is Vättern, near Jönköping, but also the small lakes Flåren and Furen are wonderful lakes for ice fishing.
  5. What activities are offered at the fishing campsites in Småland?
    • In addition to fishing, the fishing campsites in Småland offer a range of different activities, including paddling, cycling, hiking, animal watching, sunbathing and swimming, golf, sauna bathing and mushroom picking.


I have worked with the rental of cottages in Småland since 2000 and know the area and most of the lakes, especially in Kronoberg and Jönköping counties.

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