RENTAL CONDITIONS                                                                                                                             


For lease of holiday homes and other objects via Lilla Huset i Småland


1. The company Lilla Huset i Småland, Susanne Pilarp, Bökeliden, Hörda, SE-340 14 Lagan, Tel. + 46 (0)372-34070 is acting only as a contact agent between the House Owner and the Tenant. The liability of Lilla Huset i Småland is always limited to the performance of its intermediary work.


2. A holiday home is normally much smaller and less equipped than an ordinary year around house. Furniture may be less modern. Beds may be simpler, so if the quality of the beds is important - ask when you book what type of beds that is available. The kitchen is only equipped for normal daily use. Bed-clothes are not always of the same pattern. Wardrobes and cupboards are often limited or non existing. Access to water may be limited. Bedrooms may not have doors.


3. Mattresses, blankets and pillows are available in the lease object. Sheets and towels have to be brought by the Tenant.


4. All information about distances is approximate and not exact.


5. Arrival is allowed after 3.00 p.m. at arrival contracted date and the house shall be left latest by 11.00 a.m. at the agreed day of departure.


6. Smoking and pets in the leased house is allowed only if specifically stated in the house-description and the lease contract. If you intend to bring more that one pet it can be done only after special approval from the House Owner. The houses are not allergic tested.


7.  The rented house must be thoroughly cleaned by the Tenant before departure. If not, we reserve the right to charge extra for cleaning. Minimum charge is SEK 500,-.  In some houses cleaning and lease of sheets are available by separate agreement with the House Owner.


8. All fees and prices in our catalogue and at Internet are stated in SEK. Termination insurance fee is not included.


9. “Normal consumption” of water and electricity are normally included in the lease fee. Maximum number of people staying in the house is stipulated in the lease contract.


10. Payment of the lease fee shall be made in SEK by the Tenant to Lilla Huset i Småland. The first down payment, 25% of the total lease fee, shall be paid not later than 10 days from receipt of your confirmation and final payment shall be made not later than 6 weeks prior to scheduled arrival. After we have received the final payment a road-description to the house will be sent.   


Euro payments

To make it easier for our customer we have made it possible also to pay in Euro if you prefer doing that. For Euro Payments you should use the current rate on our website which is daily updated.  


11. Booking of lease object is binding. However, in case of termination received by Lilla Huset i Småland minimum 10 weeks before booked arriving date, we only charge an administration fee of SEK 500,-.  After these 10 weeks you are obliged to pay the whole rental sum. You are welcome to find another person taking over the booking if something would happen but to avoid for paying for a booking which you are not able to use (because of illness or a accident from the Tenant) we do  recommend you  to make a „Termination insurance”. The cost is 6 % from the total sum although minimum SEK 600,-. Your Termination insurance fee you can read in your Rental contract. The Termination insurance fee must be paid together with the 25 % to become valid.  


12. Please pay in due time. Otherwise the booking may be cancelled. Please print the number of the booked lease object and the name of the Tenant at all payment documents!


13. We ask you to send payments with pre- paid transfer. All transfer fees and other bank costs for the payments are to be paid by the Tenant. Please do not send pay checks.


14. The company Lilla Huset i Småland is responsible for the correctness of the information in catalogues websites etc. But any claim related to the lease object has to be directed to the House Owner.


15. Claims if any, has to be made not later than 60 days from the end of the lease period. Lilla Huset i Småland shall in no event be liable for any indirect or consequential damages or losses and its maximum aggregated liability shall in no event exceed the lease fee.


16. During the lease period, the Tenant is responsible for any damage or loss caused to the lease object by the Tenant or any third party invited to or accepted at the lese object by the Tenant. The Tenant must inspect the lease object at first arrival to make sure the lease object is in correct shape. Any deviations shall be immediately claimed to the House Owner in writing with a copy to Lilla Huset i Småland.


17. In some cases, the House Owner may ask for a deposit from the Tenant at arrival. Such deposition is normally about SEK 1500, - (or Euro 150,-). The deposit will be paid back at departure provided the lease object is left cleaned up and otherwise in the same shape as it was at the arrival.


18. Neither Lilla Huset i Småland nor the House Owner shall be liable for any events caused by force majeure events such as but not limited to floods, snow, thunderstorms, strikes, lock outs, war, riots etc.


Version 2012-01-01