Lilla Huset has visited all the cottages on the website and can give you all the information you need.

We know the area in Småland very well and will assist you by the reservation.

We would also be happy to assist you, if you want to book a cottage somewhere else in Sweden.

New cottage close to Bolmen and Lillasjön at Ljungby

About Lilla Huset

My name is Susanne Pilarp and I run Lilla Huset i Småland and Susannes Närproducerade Lamm (selling lambmeat and lambskin from my farm). Additional to that I work as an House advisor by STAYNORDIC. So if you have a house which you want to rent out, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Susanne Pilarp
Lilla Huset i Småland
Hörda 54, SE-34152 Lagan
Tel. +46(0)738134074




















S04492 Flåren
S04493 Flattinge
S04922 Lidhult S04923 Torseryd
S04931 Bolmen
S25001 Erikstad
S05863 Ryssby
S05971 Rydaholm





S04932 Bolmen
S04933 Bolmen

S04935 Bolmstad

S04936 Sjöhagen

S04943 Bolmsö
S04927 Bolmsö 
S05137 Kvänarp
S05213 Sjötorpet







S06115 Asaryd
S06930 Tolg
S06936 Åsnen
S05867 Ryd
S05046 Malmbäck
S05689 Forserum
S05172 Gränna


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